Self Defense Class

19 aupairs from Chicago learned how to protect themselves in the case of an attack.  Thank you Impact Chicago for the valuable lesson. I truely hope that these girls never need to use it.

I think the one thing we all learned is to use your voice: YELL NO!

Here are some interesting statistics:

*1 in 6 women in the U.S. have experienced an attempted or completed rape at some time in their lives.

*Nearly 50% of sexual assaults occur in the victims home or the home of an acquaintance.

*54% of all rapes of women occur before they are 18.

Tips for au pairs:

*When at the park with the kids never tell anyone you are an au pair.

*Do not visit the same park all the time. An attacker may be watching to

see where you live.

*Do not go out alone.

*Do not be on your phone when out. Be aware of surroundings.

* Trust your instincts- if you feel uncomfortable about someone near you on the street, in an elevator, on the bus, head for a busy place or yell “HELP”

*When your on the bus sit as near the driver as possible.

*Put ICE in your cell phone, along with a name and number of a loved one so emergency services can contact your family in an emergency.

*Always keep doors and windows locked.

For more information visit the Disvision of public safety:


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